Layered redhead halo hair extensions professionally customized
how to wear halo extensions
Invisible band halo hair extensions by East Beach Hair Co. in But First, Coffee

What are halo extensions?

Halo hair extensions, sometimes called wire or flip in extensions are wefts of human hair sewn to a piece of mesh fabric. This hair piece then has a thin clear, stretchable cord attached by silicone lined mirco-rings, or beads, that acts as a headband to hold your halo in place. This band completely disappears into the hair!

A halo sits sandwhiched between your natural hair giving length and volume from the interior of the hair so it remains undetectable. Think 80's headband with the top of the hair pulled out and over and the band pushed back an inch into the hairline. But the headband is invisible! Ha!


Halos are as comfortable as wearing a headband or hat with the same bonus as being able to take it off at the end of the day. Unlike permanent installed extensions you don't have to shower or sleep in your halo. You have the flexibility of choosing when you want to wear them, and when you don't!

East Beach halos are made from 100% human remy hair. Remy means the hair strands have the cuticle of the hair all facing the same direction. This makes for less tangles and a softer, more natural feel. Our hair is ethically sourced and obtained with the upmost care and respect. Hair has not been collected from the ground (yuck, yeah this happens!) and comes directly cut from the donor in a braid or ponytail to the facility for treatment and production. Because they are made from human hair, they can be washed, dried, curled, straightened, braided, and colored by your stylist, just like your hair! And since it is the ends of our hair that take the brunt of the damage we inflict when styling, the ends of the halo takes on that task, saving your ends!

Check out our How to Wear your Halo video