Hair Care 101

how to care for your halo

Because are halos are untreated Remy human hair, they can last up to two years with proper care. This kind of longevity is unique to East Beach Hair because we start with such high quality hair. Follow these tips and simple washing instructions to keep your halo looking shiny, smooth and tangle free!

  • brush often

  • use heat protectant every time before heat styling

  • use a hair oil to add moisture and a glossy shine 


How to wash your halo

1.  Wash your halo once or twice a month with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo​​

2.  Squeeze the excess water from the hair and apply a hydrating hair  mask. Our halos LOVE The Circle Chronicles masks and we have wide range for all your deep conditioning needs! Grab these super rich, moisture-intensive masks HERE.

3.  Rinse with cool water, squeeze the excess water from the hair and let it hang to dry or place it on a towel to dry overnight.

4. Don't brush your halo when the hair is wet. When it's dry brush it out, apply a heat protectant and style. You can curl, flat iron, or blow it out for extra body and volume, but keep tools below 400 degrees (this goes for your own hair too!) to extend the life and health of your hair.