No headaches, no slipping, just super cute hair!

Pop on a headband braid for super cute hair all day long! Our adjustable band means you can size it just right.

Choose your color:

Our hand braided fishtail headbands offer dimensional color, meaning they are easily worn a shade lighter or darker, whichever look you like best!

Need help choosing your color?! No problem! We have a team of professional stylists ready to help. Let's chat!

Go from blah to bold in a snap!

Headband Braids are fast, easy, and fun! Pop them on, just like a headband. In seconds, you can create simple hair styles that look complex. Wear popular braided looks, without having to braid your hair yourself!

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Frequently asked questions

How are the headbands sized? I'm worried it won't fit!

Our headband braids are constructed with an adjustable elastic band. We've tested them out on LOTS of heads and feel confident saying they fit all heads age 5 and up!

Are these made with real hair?

Nope! Our headband braids are made with a high quality, real-feel synthetic hair, unlike our halo hair extensions which ARE made with ethically sourced remy human hair. Because our braids are made with synthetic fiber, they are longer lasting and won't require regular cleaning!

How do I clean my headband braid?

Keeping your headband braid in the travel pouch it came with will help keep dust away but if you'd like to wash your headband, fill a bowl with warm water and a drop of shampoo. Submerge your headband and gently aggitate to remove any dust or debris. Rise with cool water but do not wring out excess water. Lay flat on a towl to dry over night.

Can I exchange my braid if I choose the wrong color?

Returns and refunds? Yes and yes! Due to the nature of our product and in order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, we do have a strict return policy. Our headbands may be returned or exchanged IF they have not been worn. You may open the box, remove the headband to confirm color, however we cannot accept returns if it has been worn. Refunds will be processed after assessing the returned headband and we will send out your exchanges right away!

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