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Welcome to East Beach Hair!!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Custom hair extensions with professional assistance
Let us help you find the perfect hair extensions for you!

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by. If you are a hair extension newbie or seasoned enthusiast, this is the place for you. Our mission is to provide women with silky-soft feeling, high quality, long lasting Remy (more on what this word means later), human hair extensions.

Maybe you've had some experience with hair extensions before. Maybe you feel like you've wasted your money or are nervous to buy because you don't want to buy junk! We get it! My personal hair clients have felt the same way, for years! Being a professional in the hair industry, I feel it my personal mission to uncover the truth about the global human hair world, share it with you, and connect you with the best quality hair for the best price. I want to take the fear and guess work out, because we've already found reliable, trustworthy vendors that produce high quality products.

Human hair on Amazon? likely fake, or horribly processed, or animal hair. Seriously, it's gross. Hair on Ebay? Even worse. Buying directly from an unknown seller in China with poor communication, crazy long shipping times, just to have your extensions arrive and they feel like garbage? Ugh!! I've heard all of the stories, and there is a better way!

Why you buy from a trusted source like us, you get:

- A vetted product from a professional manufacturer

- REAL remy human hair, long lasting, no filler fibers

- Licensed, professional coloring services

- QUALITY HAIR! Silky soft and shiny

- Healthy hair that you can heat style over and over and have custom colored with professional assistance

- Hair extensions that can be worn up to 2 years with proper care

What you get when you buy from an unknown overseas seller:

- Highly processed hair. We're talking acid baths, silicone dips, cuticle removal

- Fake hair. This includes animal hair and synthetic fibers that melt with heat styling

- Non remy hair. This means major tangles and even matting, and a rough texture after the silicone wears off

- Shedding. You get what your pay for, and when you buy cheap hair it's because it was cheaply made and likely to shed fast with styling and brushing. And if you don't brush it you get major matting.

-Hair that is destined for the trash in 3-6 months

Just like all things in life, you get what you pay for. Buy quality and it will save you money in the end because you've purchased a great product that will last and last.

Have questions? Need some advise? We love hearing from you! Hit us up at hello@eastbeachhair.co


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