Cheaper than a trip to the salon, let us custom color your halo for you! The perfect option for redheads, granny grays, and fashion colors. If you and your locks feel left out of the color chart, this is the place for you!


Let our team of professional hairstylists color a halo perfect for you! All we need is some great hair pics in various lighting conditions and we will work directly with you to create your perfect shade.

Custom Color

  •  10, 15 or 20 inches of the best 100 grams of hair out there!

    Finest quality 100% remy human hair, these extensions can be heat styled or color treated (just go darker, not lighter! We recommend a glaze or toner if needed).

    Shipping is 2-3 weeks for custom orders. I know that seems like a long time to wait but the best things in life are worth waiting for!! East Beach Hair halos are hand made with love when you order it. This means the hair is freshly cut and will last and last! But hey, shipping is FREE!!


    How to care for your hair bestie:

    Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo every few weeks, or when styling product builds up. It's easiest to do this in a large bowl with warm water. After gently agitating, rinse the hair, remove excess water and apply a good hydrating conditioner. Let sit for 10-15 mins and rinse with cool water. Remove excess water and lay it flat on a towel to dry. Don't forget to use a heat protect on your hair and your halo before heat styling! If your halo starts to feel dry or tangly, use a good hair oil to keep your halo feeling silky soft and free of tangles.

  • Returns and refunds? Yes and yes! Due to the nature of our product and in order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, we do have a strict return policy. Our halos can be returned or exchanged IF they have not been removed from the hair net they arrive in. You may open the box, remove the halo while keeping it in the net to confirm color, however we cannot accept returns if the hair has been removed from this protective net. Refunds will be processed after assessing the returned extensions and we will send out your exchanges right away!