Highlighted Light Brown is a mix of a soft, cool light brown lowlight and a heavy pop blonde highlight. This mix works great for highlighted "dishwater blondes" or those that maybe were blonde in their youth but have since "browned out". This shade adds a fun swirl of color and dimension to your headband braid! 


  • Made of 50 grams of real-feel, natural looking synthetic hair-- giving you volume and style! 
  • Fluff out the braid for a more boho look, if that's your style!
  • Two strand, hand braided (fishtail style!) headbands, slight variations will occur.
  • Our synthetic hair does not absorb oils and dirt like human hair, so no need for regular cleaning.   


Need help finding the best color for you? You can use the chat box here or send us a hair selfie to hello@eastbeachhair.co and our team of professional hairstylists can make a color recommendation!

Highlighted Light Brown

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